We create amazing apps for Android and iOS platforms, that attract and retain user’s attention

What we do


Looking to the future

VAKU APPS is a successful start-up that is creating apps to make life better. We believe in our contribution into industry

Our values

We believe in integrity, honesty and commitment. Our iOS, Android developers, and designers are dedicated to creating valuable applications

We live and breath mobile

We are a team of passionate people driven by one relentless pursuit - to craft innovative solutions and deliver unparalleled results

Development and design fundamentals

VAKU Apps is a place where innovation meets reliability. We have the know-how, the energy, and the drive.

Key Features of our Apps

We build the best optimization tools for smooth interaction with your phone

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Space cleaning

Phone cleaner features for Android and iPhone help you clear out junk files taking up space on your device. 

This feature removes junk files, app cache, residual files, useless files etc. By releasing more storage space, the phone cleaner optimizes Android or iOS mobile phone performance. 

How does phone cleaner feature work?

— Clean cache trash – clear system cache and apps’ cache junk files to reclaim the space.

— Clean apps’ installation package – clean the installation apk of apps (for Android)

— Clean uninstall remains-clean residual junk file from deleted apps;

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RAM improver

RAM improver features designed for Android and iOS devices which will make your phone work faster. VAKU applications use a sophisticated technology to optimize the performance of your device

How does RAM improver feature make your phone faster?

Does your phone speed become slower day by day and even hang up? VAKU helps you to accelerate your device and cool down the CPU temperature.

— Boost processing speed, halt unnecessary apps that running in background. Improving the running speed.

— Analyzes CPU usage detects overheating apps, and close them immediately to cool down phone temperature. Never make the phone hot.

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Antivirus feature helps to keep your personal data safe and to protect your device against viruses and other types of malware

How does Antivirus feature work?

It scans apps to find out malware, virus, spyware, and Trojan. And It can deep scan the phone. With powerful antivirus engine inside, it is really super safe for your phone. This feature is super security master and super virus remover.

— Antivirus cleaner: powerful antivirus feature;

— Virus scan: scan all apps and files;

— Virus removal: virus removal for android stubborn virus;

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Monitoring of phone efficiency

Phone performance monitoring feature is the best feature for both Android and iOS platforms to enable the monitoring of smartphone or app usage.

This feature helps to understand data usage per app. Easily identify most data-hungry apps in your device. Make your cellular data usage more clear and simple.

How does phone performance monitoring feature work?

— It monitors what apps are using the data a lot, and gives alerts before you run out of data.

— It helps you find out what’s draining your power. Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery.

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Security services

Everything on your phone is important. Secure it with VAKU Apps mobile security and identity protection for all of your mobile devices. 

VAKU developed Security feature to protect your phone with private WiFi access and personal safety features. It protects you with the latest in antivirus, spyware removal, and WiFi security.

How does security feature work?

— It provides 24/7 security services, protects your device from potential threats, detect virus in time.

— Real-time protection with antivirus, precisely virus scan and virus removal for your privacy Security. 

Key Features of our Apps

We build the best optimization tools for smooth interaction with your phone

Customer service

Start-to-end app development company

VAKU APPS mobile app development company is all in.

We provide app design, app development services, marketing and efficient monetization for every stage of our mobile apps.

It's our craft: making apps in their early launch stages successful with our unique technologies.

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